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About Us

For over 30 years, we have specialized in isolating, identifying and separating those individuals who truly excel at their chosen profession from those who are merely average or ordinary in their skills.

Our clients realize that the most crucial decision they can make is often in their people- and that finding the right people can be a strategic investment that will provide returns like no other.

Our Clients turn to us for a number reasons. Here are a few:

1. History
Since 1976 Harcourt & Associates have been working with industry leaders across Canada and around the world. For our clients, finding the best people possible is part of their strategic plan to grow and prosper in the coming years- and leave their competition far behind.

2. Experience
Our recruiters are specialists in the areas they cover. We take the time to understand your business, your needs, and, importantly, the culture of your organization.

3. Local Focus
We "get" that culture because we are a part of it. Alberta-based since the start, we are one of the few firms who have maintained a local focus throughout- in order to best understand and serve the needs of our clients here. We are actively involved in the community we serve, with heavy involvement in amateur sports, as well as charitable organizations such as Run for the Cure, Rotary, and Alberta's Promise.

4. Global Reach
At the same time, should your needs reach beyond the Alberta, we have the ability to address them. We are members of NPA, a worldwide network of over 400 leading recruiting firms, and have the ability to source candidates and fill orders just about anywhere in the world.

5. On Your Team
We know you, as a business leader, will always have to look at the bottom line. When you compare the costs involved in finding even mediocre people yourself, we're confident you'll agree that our services for finding great people are reasonable.

We are certain that we can make a difference in helping your business grow and prosper.

HARCOURT Recruiting Specialists

4222-97 street
Edmonton, AB
T6E 5Z9


Edmonton: 780.425.5555
Calgary: 403.263.5445

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