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Keeping pace with housing and the economy, in Calgary, jobs are plentiful. Employment growth in Calgary is at an all time high. This increase is due in large part to the rising price of oil.

Growth in Calgary jobs is not limited exclusively to the energy sector. With housing starts continuing to rise, Calgary, Alberta, is a strong and prominent business centre.

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Construction – Multifamily and Commercial Construction Project Manager, Multi-Family, Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB

Employment Opportunities in Calgary, Alberta as Diverse as the City Itself

New opportunities in Calgary, Alberta include, but are not limited to, employment in energy, finance, engineering, food production, telecommunications, technology and construction. In fact, Calgary ranks second behind Toronto as a major head office centre in Canada.

Ranked as the “best place in Canada to work” by the Globe and Mail, Calgary jobs offer individuals dynamic employment opportunities in a vibrant growing city.

Negotiating Your Job Search – Calgary Recruiters Can Help

Having difficulty with your job search? Calgary’s explosive economic growth provides a unique issue. With the incredible number of Calgary jobs from which to choose, how does one begin a successful job search? Enter Harcourt Recruiting Specialists...Professional recruiters can match your industry-specific skills, experience, abilities and talent with a company in need of excellent staff.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists
Matching Your Talents with a Deserving Company

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists has been successfully matching talented candidates with rewarding careers for over 30 years. In Calgary, jobs may be plentiful but finding the opportunity that best suits your unique skills may prove difficult without the help of a professional placement firm.

Contact Harcourt Recruiting Specialists and let us conduct a successful Calgary job search for you.

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