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FAQ - Cost to job seekers

Q: Does it cost me anything as a job seeker?

A: Definitely not.  Actually, it's illegal in Alberta for a company to charge you a fee for them to find you a job.  Keep in mind, companies can charge for things like resume writing and interview skills coaching -- they just can't make claims that using these services would guarantee you a job.

For our part, we don't charge to help strong candidates through the process with our client companies -- including doing whatever we can to be your "coach" throughout the process.

That said, the one place it does cost you is an investment of your time and your focus.  We need to know that you're serious in moving to the next stage in your career.  But we can talk that through once you get in touch with us.

FAQ - Job Seekers from outside Canada / foreign workers

Q: Can Harcourt assist me in my job search from outside Canada?

A: Unfortunately, we almost never work in bringing job seekers to Canada from abroad.  For more information / resources on coming to work in Canada, please click on the following links:
Government of Alberta - information on working in Alberta
Government of Canada - information on immigrating to / working in Canada

There are a few notable exceptions:

Workers who qualify for sponsorship under NAFTA -- typically US citizens with a university degree in one of the 63 professions listed in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) list of professionals, most of which are engineering, technical, medical or scientific roles

Engineers who have professional designations in countries with Mutual Accreditation agreements with the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, notably:

  • Canada (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board of Engineers Canada
  • Australia (Engineers Australia)
  • Ireland (Engineers Ireland)
  • New Zealand (The Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand)
  • United Kingdom (The Engineering Council)
  • United States of America (Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)

And expat Canadians currently working abroad but looking at returning home.

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