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The first step in Our Process is to truly listen and take the time to understand your employment needs.

Listening to you:

This includes all of the duties, goals, responsibilities and activities that are a part of the position, as well as details concerning your organization and your industry. This component of the job search process also includes understanding the "chemistry" or "culture" of your organization— the special things that set your organization apart from others. In fact, this is often the most important key to a successful employee—the person whose pace, image, work-related philosophy, etc. "fits in" with your overall organization. To assemble all of this information takes time and patience. It is time well spent, however, because it will pay off in time saved later.

Once we have the necessary information, we begin the actual job search process. Our resources include data files of registered candidates, affiliated executive search firms across Canada, and of course, the recruiting process. This is the process of identifying and locating, qualifying and screening, and then presenting selected candidates to you—all in total confidence.

For each candidate presented to you, we will have:

  • Interviewed in-depth and comprehensively.

  • Tested if called for by your job specifications.

  • Prepared to interview with you – The identity of your organization is kept confidential until you are comfortable with this being released to a candidate. When you decide you are ready to interview a candidate, we will thoroughly prepare the candidate for this process.

  • If requested, as an extra service, we will arrange for a series of background checks to be done on the candidate.

The Successful Hire

Our responsibility doesn't stop when you are ready to extend a job offer to a candidate referred to you. We will:

  • Assist you and the candidate in negotiating a suitable compensation package and in reaching agreement regarding any other related details.

  • Assist the candidate in gracefully resigning from his or her current position.

  • Follow up with both you and the newly hired candidate to ensure a positive long-term relationship.

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For Clients

"I have relied on Harcourt extensively for recruitment of key personnel in a competitive labour market and have been consistently pleased with the effort and energy put into finding and screening qu...
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