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Job Interview Tips – Helping You Prepare

The interview is your high noon show down. Both you and the employer are on the spot and must convince each other that there is a fit. First, review our sampling of job interview questions and practice your answers. As you prepare for the interview, think about these job interview tips:

  • Fully answer the questions. Interviewers know bull when they hear it. If you don’t know the answer, admit it and move on. Don’t ramble and change topics too drastically to suit your preferred answer. Answer the question clearly and to the point.

  • Give specific examples. Interviewers want to hear evidence of your abilities. By giving specific examples, you will appear credible without seeming too arrogant. Students with little work experience can use examples from sports, voluntary work or internships.

  • Don’t fall into the complaining trap. Employers want you to complain about past situations so they can predict how pessimistic or “gossipy” you will be. Be creative and don’t make personal attacks or elaborate on why a working environment was unproductive.

  • Be prepared to be tested. If you are technical, you will most likely be tested—verbally or written—to prove you understand what your resume claims. Study and practice for this. You will have the shortest interview if you fail this portion.

  • Have references ready. If the interview is going well, they might ask you for references. Have a sheet with 3-5 references. The references—your former supervisors—should be aware they might be called soon. Have them boast your ability in ways to benefit you.

  • Practice old fashion manners. Dress up (unless told otherwise), have clean hygiene, firmly shake hands, look people straight in the eye and don’t interrupt. Better to be safe with first interviews.

  • Finally, send thank you letters after the interview. Follow the links to the right for more information and samples.
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