Interview Process Checklist
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Interview Process Checklist

  • Purchase correspondence paper (stationery and matching envelopes).

  • Keep enough paper on hand to print your resumes, cover letters and other correspondence on matching stationery and envelopes.

  • Know the standards for writing cover letters and thank-you notes, and when to phone. Keep stamps on hand at all times!

  • Keep track of all career-related written and verbal correspondence.

  • Identify your basic interview wardrobe: select one or two outfits or suits that are considered fairly conservative for your field.

  • Locate your local overnight or one-hour dry cleaner.

  • Polish your business shoes.

  • Always have extra, clean copies of your resume with you.

  • Keep an interview folder to bring with you on interviews. It should contain: a few resumes in a plastic sleeve, some reminders for yourself about your skills and goals, and a pen and some paper to make notes before and after he interview.

  • Bring to the interview: your interview folder, the names of the people you are meeting and the address with directions. You may also want a comb, tissues and breath mints.

  • Know where you're going in advance.

  • Leave yourself plenty of time to get there. You want to arrive a little bit early, not just on time and never late.

  • Follow up with thank-you letters immediately.

  • Make sure you can be reached, whether by phone, fax or email.

  • For a list of interview questions and other employment search tools, please visit other pages on this site.
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