Interview Thank You Letter
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Interview Thank You Letter

Even though an interview thank you letter is a common courtesy, most people donít send one following a meeting. Stand out from your competition and take advantage of this opportunity to reaffirm your astuteness, initiative and suitability for the position. An interview follow up letter should be sent within a day of your interview.

Sample Interview Thank You Letters

Follow our link to view sample interview thank you letters. Of course, you will want to personalize your letter to reflect your interpretation of the interview.

Emulate the Tone of Your Interview in the Follow Up Letter

Wondering what format to use in your interview follow up letter? We suggest personalizing the letter to suit the tone of the meeting. If it was very formal, your letter should be formal. If it was more casual and comfortable, feel free to reflect a more relaxed tone in your message, while maintaining professionalism, of course. Follow this same guideline when determining whether you should hand-write or generate a printed interview thank you letter. You may even want to consider hand delivering it for a personal touch.

Regardless, you should send an interview follow up letter to every person on the interview panel. Be sure to get business cards from everyone during the meeting so you transcribe proper spelling and positions.

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