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Companies with Drafting and Design Vacancies Turn to Harcourt

Leading companies from Edmonton, Calgary, throughout Alberta and across Canada have turned to Harcourt Recruiting Specialists for decades to successfully fill job vacancies. Why do they choose our recruiting services to find drafting and design or engineering employees?

  • Our track record – the people we put in to permanent drafting and design positions tend to remain with the company long-term

  • Access to some of the best candidates available (or not available, which we confidentially headhunt) – we work through a diverse selection of candidates to find the best possible fit

  • Our little extras – we help to educate clients on market trends, salary trends and strategies to attract and retain employees, etc.
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Our Job Search Assignments can Accelerate Careers in Drafting

Our goal is simply to be the professional partners in recruitment for those who truly excel in their chosen career. We can fast-track careers in drafting, engineering or a multitude of other occupations and help motivated specialists locate and land the jobs that fulfill their career objectives. When employees are happy, employers tend to be happy as well.

Harcourt – Employment Specialists

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists can help companies and candidates identify and pursue the best possible opportunities in drafting and design, whether it’s in the manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, civil or municipal planning industries, to name just a few.

Contact our drafting and design specialist today to start building a plan for your future. 

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