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Engineering Jobs & Technical Jobs – How Times have Changed

Even with changes in the economy, incredible opportunities are available for experienced professionals looking for engineering jobs in Alberta. Compare this current situation to the late 1990’s, when young engineering grads from all disciplines could not find employment.  In fact, many defaulted to other careers.

Over time, this has led to a severe shortage of engineers in the province. This now presents challenges for employers, but lucrative opportunities for star performers seeking career advancement.

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Engineering Mechanical Design Engineer, Heavy Equipment, Maritimes
Nova Scotia or New Brunswick
Engineering, Sales – Technical / Engineering Sales Manager, Industrial Equipment, Alberta (Edmonton or Calgary Based)
Edmonton, Alberta

When it Comes to Engineering Employment and Technical Employment, Harcourt Levels the Field

Thankfully, Harcourt Recruiting Specialists helps to level the playing field. Our extensive network of clients means talented prospects are given access to some of the best engineering employment opportunities available; and our clients reap the rewards from our thorough process of identifying and presenting qualified employees for consideration.

By investing a great deal of time in getting to know our clients and skilled candidates, we focus on finding a true fit—not only of technical skills, but of culture and long-term goals as well.

Are You an Accomplished Civil, Mechanical or Structural Engineer?
Harcourt wants to talk to You!

Engineering jobs are plentiful, thanks to a huge scope of projects that require trained professionals in all disciplines—civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and structural. From land development to environmental engineering, manufacturing to commercial construction, there are strong opportunities for those who excel.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists for the Right Engineering Job and Technical Job

In a profession which demands logical yet creative approaches to problem solving, it makes sense to enlist Harcourt Recruiting Specialists when seeking or filling engineering jobs. Browse our current database to explore just a few of the possibilities; then contact our engineering recruiting specialist to discuss your eligibility. Design your future with Harcourt.

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