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Health and Safety – A Growing Concern

Employees face constant challenges in getting the job done quickly, effectively—and getting it done safely. As added incentive for employers to encourage and maintain impeccable standards, WorkSafe Alberta introduced Occupational Health and Safety Innovation Awards several years ago.

Recognizing creative initiatives for potentially dangerous situations, such as working alone or preventing common injuries, is just one example of the growing emphasis on health and safety in today’s workplace.

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Alberta Health and Safety Jobs are on the Rise

Naturally, this increased awareness encourages the creation of additional Alberta health and safety jobs, particularly in the manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, transportation, industrial and public service sectors.

As positions for coordinators, advisers and directors of health and safety continue to grow in demand, Harcourt Recruiting Specialists steps up to introduce qualified, experienced professionals to leading companies.

Are You an Occupational Health and Safety Expert?

Are you interested in exploring job opportunities available in occupational health and safety management, environmental hygiene, or health, safety and environment? Harcourt can help match superior skills in risk management with the needs of our extensive client base throughout Alberta and around the world.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists – A Partner in Health and Safety

You can play an integral role in the advancement of health and safety in Alberta or any other centre. Contact our health and safety specialist today to begin the process.

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