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Attorney Job Search – You can Advertise or You can Headhunt

From a law firm’s point of view, an attorney job search is an arduous task. In addition to possessing the necessary skills, expertise and impressive track record, a new employee or partner needs to fit within the corporate culture and basic philosophies of the firm.

An attorney job search is the type of assignment which requires specialized headhunting, not general advertising. It is the perfect assignment for the professionals at Harcourt Recruiting Specialists. Our extensive database of clients and candidates is supported by experience, expertise and a legacy of successful placements.

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Legal Litigation Assistant

From Lawyers to Legal Research Jobs – We can Help

Regardless of the position you seek—lawyer, legal assistant, legal secretary or legal research jobs—if your skill set, drive and expertise set you apart from your peers, you owe it to yourself to contact our legal specialist. It’s our job to compare profiles and career aspirations with employment opportunities offered by our valued clients. We only propose those positions we feel would be the right fit.

Legal Employment Agencies Find Jobs...
Harcourt Recruiting Specialists Offers Career Advancement

While legal employment agencies can provide information on job openings in a particular city, Harcourt goes the extra mile to help market the strengths of top talent and locate opportunities that promote professional development.

From an employer’s perspective, we take the time to fully understand the requirements of our clients. We also provide assistance in salary and contract negotiations until job acceptance.

Why Consider any other Method for a Legal Job Search?

Harcourt boasts one of the greatest concentrations of professionally designated recruiters (Certified Personnel Consultants) in the country. Turn to us for every aspect of legal research assistant or attorney job search assignments.

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