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Task Force Recommendations to Stimulate Alberta Technology Jobs

A Value‐Added and Technology Commercialization Task Force commissioned by the province of Alberta recently identified challenges faced by advanced technology-based companies in securing start-up or early stage growth capital.

It found that less than 2% of venture capital invested in Canada is dedicated to this sector. The Task Force thus recommended creating a $100 million Alberta Enterprise Fund, as well as other means of support to help launch technology-based ventures. Positive spin-offs from these suggestions would significantly impact advanced technology as a whole, including Alberta technology jobs.

Information Technology Jobs – Experts Required

Every sector of Alberta’s economy—from medicine and education to government and private industry—are relying more and more on multifaceted computer systems and network connections.  As such, information technology jobs continue to grow in demand and complexity. Harcourt Recruiting Specialists helps top performers connect with outstanding Alberta technology jobs.

Technology Jobs in Calgary and Around Alberta

Whether you wish to consider jobs in Calgary, Edmonton or another area of Alberta, take advantage of our extensive network capabilities. We have spent more than three decades building relationships with leading companies and continue to meet and support new faces as they emerge on the scene.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists – Recruiting in IT since the Birth of IT

Harcourt has been recruiting in IT since the birth of IT. We have watched the industry evolve. We have helped successful companies grow. We continue to be one of the premiere sources of top talent and top employment opportunities in western Canada. Contact our IT specialist today to discuss exciting new Alberta technology jobs.

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