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Employment in Alberta Oil and Gas – Six Decades in the Making

Sixty years of exploration and development in the oil and gas industry has brought many benefits to Alberta’s economy, including:

  • Plentiful opportunities for employment in Alberta oil and gas – 275,000 direct and indirect oil and gas jobs

  • 3.7% economic growth over 20 years, the highest in Canada

  • A GDP per capita that is higher than the national average ($39,000)

  • Lowest unemployment rate in the country

Build a Rewarding Career with an Alberta Oil Sand Company

With 1.7 trillion barrels of bitumen in Alberta oil sand deposits, securing a job with an oil sand company can be a lucrative career move. It is estimated that 175 billion barrels can be extracted with present-day technology, and with future production developments, 315 billion additional barrels are recoverable.

This translates into very promising prospects for employment in Alberta’s oil and gas industry—from the front lines to engineering, accounting to technical sales—and every role in between.

Oil and Gas Jobs – Narrow the Search

This abundance of opportunities in Alberta oil and gas, however, presents a unique challenge for job seekers and employers alike. Among all the possibilities, how do you find the right fit? That’s where we come in.

For over 30 years, Harcourt Recruiting Specialists has kept pace with this industry, working with thriving companies and helping them build successful teams. Whether you are an exemplary employee looking for oil and gas jobs or an employer in need of top talent, Harcourt can help you narrow the search.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists – Uncover the Potential

Continued production and research bode well for the future of oil and gas employment in Alberta, and Harcourt has its thumb on the pulse of this dynamic industry.  Learn more about a rewarding career in the petroleum industry. Contact our oil and gas specialist today.

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