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Fort McMurray Jobs – Employment by Industry

The 2006 Census of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo reported the breakdown of Fort McMurray jobs as follows:

  • 27.7% of the employment sector work in oil sands, oil and gas, pipeline and COGEN

  • 16% are contractors for the above noted

  • 19% work in service and retail positions

  • 5.8% are employed in construction

  • 12.9% of Fort McMurray jobs are in education, government, health care and transportation

  • 18.5% of the workforce is classified as “other” (students, etc.)

Within many of these sectors, management, supervisory and administration roles are in high demand. How do you know which is right for you? Contact one of our recruiting specialists to discuss your credentials, industry experience and career aspirations. We are interested in speaking with highly motivated professionals who are ready for exciting new challenges in Fort McMurray.

Considering Employment in Fort McMurray, Alberta?

If you are considering employment in Fort McMurray, Alberta, please be forewarned that housing costs and availability may present a challenge. Fort McMurray jobs tend to pay more than provincial averages, but are accompanied by a higher cost of living. Do your homework before considering a move north.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists – Connected

If the appeal of the energy sector has stimulated your interest in Fort McMurray jobs, but you would like to explore the possibility of working out of Edmonton or Calgary on a regular basis, our connections with leading companies may serve you well. In fact, some of the engineering work for Fort McMurray companies is carried out in central Alberta. Contact Harcourt Recruiting Specialists to learn more.

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