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Prairies Jobs Reflect Positive Economic Growth

Because of strong economic growth in the Prairies, jobs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are readily accessible in a variety of growing sectors, including oil and gas production, manufacturing, hospital and health care, agriculture and retail, to name only a few.

In all three provinces, the economic forecast remains optimistic. Alberta continues to lead the country with the lowest unemployment rate—3.4% in 2007, followed by Manitoba at 4.3% and Saskatchewan at 4.7%. Surging oil, manufacturing and agriculture prices are spurring corporate profits and business investment in all three Prairie Provinces.

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Manitoba Jobs – Exports Boost Economic Development

According to EDC (Export Development Canada), Manitoba jobs in the export industry are expected to continue on a growth trend in the foreseeable future. Agriculture exports—especially corn, as well as industrial goods, are helping to boost Manitoba’s economy. Traditional Prairies jobs in agriculture, oil and gas production and manufacturing offer Canadians exceptional employment opportunities.

Saskatchewan Jobs Contributing to Home Building and Consumer Spending

The Treasury Board of Canada recently reported that a significant number of Saskatchewan jobs are being created in the manufacture of machinery and equipment to support Alberta’s robust oil and gas production. This is further supplemented by a proliferation of uranium, potash and wheat production. Saskatchewan and Prairies jobs, however, are not limited to these sectors. Infrastructure and retail growth are creating diverse career opportunities as well.

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