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Working in Quebec, an Integral Part of Canada’s Economic Growth

With a steady growth rate in employment averaging about 1.5% in recent years, Quebec has the second highest GDP in Canada, earning $284 billion in 2006. The largest employers in Quebec are as follows: goods and services, trade, manufacturing, health care and social assistance. Dynamic career opportunities also exist in technology, finance, accounting and marketing.

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Montreal Careers – Vibrant Canadian Economic Centre

In Montreal, careers are available in a wide range of industries and sectors as well. As an important centre for commerce and industry, Montreal offers opportunities in aerospace, pharmaceuticals, software engineering, telecommunications, textiles and transportation, to name only a few.

Though plentiful, negotiating a search for Montreal careers or Quebec jobs can prove difficult without the help of experienced recruiting specialists.

Job Hunting? Montreal Career Search Made Simple with Harcourt

Frustrated with job hunting? Negotiating a search for a Montreal career move or other Quebec jobs can be complicated. With the help of Harcourt and NPA (National Personnel Associates), you will have access to a network of recruiting specialists who can simplify and refine your job search to locate a company that will appreciate your unique skills.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists – Proud Member of NPA

Based in Edmonton Harcourt Recruiting Specialists is a proud member of NPA. As such, we have access to a sophisticated computerized exchange network. Let us help you with your Quebec job search or help you explore career options in other North American locations.

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