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Always Include a Good Resume Cover Letter

Think of a cover letter as an opportunity to make a first impression. It can set the tone for your submission and make the difference between being passed over or invited to participate in an interview.

A good resume cover letter must be well organized, easy to read and provide enough information to entice a potential employer to move on to your resume. Spend time writing and polishing resume cover letters.

Customize Your Resume Cover Letters

Resume cover letters should always be customized.  Research the company and the position, and consider the following:

  • A cover letter provides an opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills. Ensure your spelling and grammar are impeccable.
  • Outline your specific accomplishments and skills as they relate to the position, but be concise.
  • Showcase your knowledge of the organization.
  • A good resume convey letter conveys self-confidence, enthusiasm and professionalism and is never longer than one page.

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