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Web Page Resume – Join the Electronic Age

Supplement your job search tools with a web page resume. An online resume may assist in marketing your skills to a wider audience. An electronic version of your resume may also satisfy the need of some employers who conduct Internet recruiting and accept only digital submissions.

Resumes on the Web Differ from Conventional Resumes

Whereas traditional resumes tend to be shorter in length (often just two pages), a web page resume is typically more comprehensive. Effective resumes on the web are rich with keywords to attract search engines, and the length can be a reflection of skill and professional development throughout a career.

The format of a web page resume can also be less visually appealing than printed versions. Bound by the graphical limitations of Microsoft Word, HTML, PDF or plain ASCII text, information is often presented in a somewhat “raw” format.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists – Facilitating Job Searches

A web page resume can be a useful tool in the job search process. Allowing for easy and free transmission to multiple job postings, search engine identification and minimal environmental impact, resumes on the web offer many benefits to job seekers.

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