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Writing a Resume – What’s Your Approach?

How do you approach the task of writing a resume? As a daunting mini-thesis, or an opportunity to review the highlights of your career? Here are some thoughts that may help to put the process into perspective...

  • An effective resume is not all-encompassing; it should, in fact, leave the reader wanting more
  • Every resume you submit should be customized to reflect the parameters of the position for which you are applying; in short, keep it brief and pertinent
  • Writing a resume is like taking professional inventory; reflect on your skills and accomplishments and how they relate to the new position; you can even use the process to mentally prepare for an interview

How to Write a Resume

Here are a few more tips on how to write a resume:

  • maintain consistency in formatting
  • use a legible font no smaller than 11 pt
  • leave one inch margins all around copy
  • logically organize sections and separate them with headings
  • focus on your strengths and how they apply to the position
  • print on high quality paper
  • the most effective layout involves listing your previous jobs and accomplishments in the various positions

As for the specific components of a resume, you may want to incorporate some or all of the following sections:

  • career objective, qualifications overview (optional)
  • education and training
  • employment history
  • professional skills/accomplishments
  • professional associations or affiliations
  • honours/awards
  • volunteer activities/special skills

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