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Interview Techniques for a Thorough Assessment

While it is typically the candidate who feels the brunt of the pressure in a job interview, the interviewer needs to ensure they conduct a thorough assessment of skills and suitability for a position. Here are some interview techniques that may assist in the process:

  • Consider using peer interviewing – invite coworkers to participate in the process to get a sense for how the candidate may fit in your corporate environment.

  • Use behaviour-based interviewing techniques – ask the candidate specific questions about past performance that may indicate their response to future employment challenges within your company.

  • Assess soft skills as well as expertise – soft skills include written and verbal communication skills (carefully review their resume and cover letter, initiate communication via email and phone), interpersonal skills (find out about past work relationships), integrity, personality, etc.

  • Conduct “stay” interviews on a regular basis – perhaps as part of a job performance evaluation; find out what’s working and what could be improved from the employee’s point of view; stay interviews can help you avoid the “new hire” interviews.

Tips and Resources from Harcourt Recruiting Specialists

As experts in the industry, we are constantly employing innovative and effective interview techniques in our assessment of candidates. In addition to the ideas presented above, here are a few other suggestions you may want to consider:

  • Prepare your interview questions ahead of time. This will help keep you on track and ensure all candidates interviewed address the same issues.

  • Conduct a 15-20 minute pre-screening phone interview.

  • Take notes throughout the interview. Chances are you will forget some of the details that most impressed you.

Harcourt Recruiting Specialists is pleased to provide interview techniques, as well as many other employment resources for candidates and clients. Please browse our website for more.

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