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Why Use a Recruiting Firm?

Companies think very little about paying the fees charged by lawyers, accountants and management consultants, but when it comes to finding and hiring top talent, often a whole new mentality appears. Why use a recruiting firm when they can do the job search themselves? Consider the following...

Executive Business Recruiters – Expertise, Access, Confidentiality

  • Expertise – Nobody knows the employment marketplace better than executive business recruiters who specialize in certain industries or types of positions. Check out our Jobs by Industry listing to view our specialties.

  • Access – Recruiters are talking to talented people every day. They have a detailed roadmap to hidden talent sources that can’t be accessed by newspaper ads or the Internet. Often the best people simply aren’t looking in the want ads for something new—they’re busy working for your competitors.

  • Corporate Confidentiality – Companies who end up losing or replacing people in key positions often don’t want their clients or competitors to know about it – this can be damaging to a company’s reputation, or set their competitors up to take advantage. Working with a recruiting firm ensures a smooth, quiet transition.

  • Individual Confidentiality – Often, the best candidates are working for competing companies in your own industry, but out of professionalism and caution, would never send a resume to a direct competitor. Recruiters, however, can function as a safe intermediary.

Employment Recruitment Agencies Deliver Results

  • Finely-tuned Results – Often, an online posting or newspaper ad will draw hundreds of unqualified applicants for every applicant that would be a good fit. Working with a recruiting firm allows you to concentrate on screening and evaluating, and giving you only the few best to choose from.

  • Your Recruiting Arm – Many companies don’t have in-house recruiting departments, and end up taking busy senior managers away from their core jobs, in the belief that this will actually save money. Using an employment recruitment agency lets your team get back to business.

  • Reality Check – Since professional recruiters work constantly in the industries we cover, we can often provide insight into alternate target industries to draw from, realistic salary requirements, etc.

  • Negotiation – As a buffer and intermediary, we can help both sides “iron out the kinks”, clear up misunderstandings and negotiate a deal in which everyone wins. Often it’s more comfortable talking to someone who isn’t directly involved in the negotiation process.

  • Guarantee – Many companies who decide to “do it on their own” end up having a new hire not work out for whatever reason—and are left to start the whole staffing process all over again. With a professional recruiter, there is a guarantee—so if this does happen, you can hit the ground running.

  • Reach – For some hard-to-fill positions, the candidate base simply won’t be in your local area – and finding someone from out of town can be a costly procedure if you have to fly them in sight unseen. With our professional network of contacts, we can ensure that any out-of-town candidate you see will have been screened and evaluated by another experienced professional—before they ever cross your desk.

The fee paid to a professional recruiting firm is a strategic investment in finding top talent to upgrade your department and company, not an extraneous expense. Contact Harcourt Recruiting Specialists today.

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